Did You Know?

216,842 Maine adults, or 1 in 5 people, are functioning at the lowest levels of literacy. All of these adults could benefit from Literacy Volunteers' services.

One of the biggest obstacles facing literacy providers today is that most of us take for granted the ability to read and write.

How can improved literacy affect your community?

Help our communities be healthier, and reduce individual, insurer, employer, and government health care costs;

Advance the employability of Maine citizens;

Increase the efficiency and profitability of Maine businesses, improve their sustainability, and attract businesses looking to come to Maine;

Improve the quality of life for all Mainers.

Literacy is an issue that affects all of our communities, and it will take a community effort to make a difference. If you’d like to personally make a difference click here.


A Brief History of Literacy Volunteers of Greater Sanford

May, 2011 -
Founded in 1986, Literacy Volunteers of Greater Sanford (LVGS) is celebrating 25 years of serving the community. Our mission is supporting the literacy needs of adults age 18 and above with free, confidential one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction by trained adult volunteers. Our approach is student-centered and we are honored to provide adult learning opportunities.

LVGS was created following a national media campaign called PLUS-Project Literacy U.S.-that spread the word about how many adults in this country have literacy levels so low that they are prevented from functioning in society and achieving their potential.

The Sanford PLUS Task Force was formed and included adult educators, business leaders, social service agencies, religious leaders, civic organizations, and media representatives, all working together to find solutions to increasing the literacy rates in our community. This spirit of collaboration and concern for helping individuals improve their skills and become more self-reliant still motivate our work today.

Over the years, many volunteers and staff have led and guided LVGS, from its early days as the Goodall Library Literacy Volunteers of America, to its more recent form as an independent, private, 501c3 nonprofit. We are grateful for the countless hours of service that our volunteer tutors, Board members, office volunteers, and other dedicated individuals have devoted to this cause.

Community support from businesses, individuals, service clubs, foundations, and other partners has played a fundamental role in our ability to carry out our mission. Without this support, in the form of donated goods, services, funds, time, publicity, and friendship, we would not have come to our 25th anniversary.

As we look to the future, we remain passionately dedicated to providing opportunities for students to improve their literacy skills so they can achieve their life goals relating to career, family, education, and civic participation. We know that one person's progress with literacy has a positive ripple effect on many other people, and we are honored to have a part in this inspirational story of human learning, dignity, courage and achievement.

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