Tutor Testimonials

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience of tutoring. It's a wonderful feeling to know I've had a positive impact."

"I'm not really an outgoing person, but when I came to Literacy Volunteers, I fell in love with the place and the people. It's become a real passion in my life."

"It's great to see a student come here with goals and then go on a path of discovery to reach them, step by step. It's an amazing process of self-directed learning."

"Working with my student has been a joy. I have learned so much from him and his determination to move forward and improve his reading skills. It's so rewarding and enriching to see another person grow in these ways and to be a small part of it."

"Don't waste a minute in signing up to be a Tutor!"

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Tutors tell us that becoming part of Literacy Volunteers and working with a student is one of the most important and rewarding experiences in their lives. Tutors often find that they learn as much as their students do and that working one-on-one with another person striving to improve their literacy skills is meaningful and valuable in ways that can not be measured.

In addition, volunteering can bring many other benefits, such as the satisfaction of contributing in new ways to the community, being mentally engaged, staying active, and a sense of accomplishment. Volunteering has even been called a "drug-free way to keep you feeling young." According to Prevention Magazine, it also improves your mood, boosts brain power and strengthens your body. Read more of the article here.

For more, please visit
the Corporation for National and Community Service at http://www.nationalservice.gov/about/volunteering/benefits.asp and the World Volunteer website at http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org.

Whether you are interested in tutoring, office help, or other kind of service, we hope you will get in touch to learn more and consider providing your talents to the cause of adult literacy.

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